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I first met Chisel the Boxer in 2005 when his ‘parents’, SaShell and Wayne, got married and I was the wedding photographer. Chisel and his ‘brother’ Cassius were in the wedding party and did a fine job. Since then I have photographed Chisel and family several times. I also see SaShell at various dog rescue events, since we both LOVE dogs and volunteer for various rescues. SaShell spends a lot of time with her dogs and does a lot of training with them, and she has fostered a lot of dogs over the past several years. She’s just a fantastic person.

Chisel has been having neurological problems since the beginning of the year. SaShell works for a vet and he has also been seen by a neurologist, but there’s no conclusive diagnosis, though a brain tumor is suspected. So not knowing what the future will bring, she wanted to do some special photos with and of Chisel. She has a lot of family photos but none of just the two of them.

2013-11-12_0001We had originally planned to do a beach session, but when the day of the session came Chisel wasn’t doing well with car rides. So I googled ‘recreational areas’ in the town where they live, and came up with the Mayberry Hill Preserve in Casco. Neither of us had ever heard of it before, but it sounded good. Wooded trails and fields and dogs were allowed. So that’s where we went.

2013-11-12_0002 2013-11-12_00032013-11-12_0004 2013-11-12_0005 2013-11-12_0006
SaShell and Chisel have a special bond and I hope I captured a piece of it. SaShell’s sister and her family were visiting from another state and we did a few pics at the very end with them. The very last picture here is one of my favorites – I love Sashell’s expression and the emotion at that moment…

At this writing, Chisel is still hanging in there. He has good days and not-so-good days, but he’s a fighter. I’m glad I had the chance to do these photos and I know they’ll be treasured forever. And I hope Chisel has many more good days to share with his wonderful family.

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