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Hannah, class of 2014

Hannah’s was one of the most fun seniors I photographed this year. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, vivacious, polished, articulate, outgoing and did I mention funny? Hannah is a senior at Poland Regional High School, and she plans to become a lawyer. I can totally see that.

ImageWhen I spoke with her to plan the session, I asked her what her hobbies were, to see if we could incorporate any of them. She said her hobby is politics, but that wasn’t really something I could take a picture of. I took that as a challenge and tried to come up with some little ways to incorporate her hobby.

ImageI looked online for a Washington newspaper, and the Washington Post site only sold digital editions, so I ended up going on eBay and found one. You probably can’t see the book titles in the small pic above but they are How To Get Elected, An Insider’s Guide to Maine Politics, and The Democrats.

ImageDuring our chat to plan the session Hannah also told me that she wasn’t very outdoorsy, so instead of doing a lot of country-flavored photos I suggested doing some with a more urban look. So we headed to Auburn and I’m loving the edgier feel to these. Love the red shirt and black outfit with all the brick and concrete, too.

ImageImageImageThanks for a fun and memorable afternoon, Hannah!



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