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Brandon, class of 2014


Brandon is a senior at Poland Regional High School. This session was extra fun for me, because I got to do it at the Poland Fire Station. Doing the photos there was Brandon’s only request for his photos, as he’s been working there for quite a while (when he’s not in school) and is going to be a fire fighter as his career. He had arranged for us to have access to everything — trucks, equipment and the building.


My only disappointment was that there was no pole at the fire station. That would have been even cooler.
As you can see, we started out with Brandon in his uniform, then added some of his firefighting gear. I don’t know the correct names for all the stuff, but I heard words like bunker pants and air packs.

I got to go inside the firetruck, too. : )

I was quite impressed with the size of the firestation, how clean it is, and how many trucks they have. And these photos don’t even show the ambulance garage. There was a fire alarm while we were doing the photos. A couple of trucks had to leave but luckily Brandon was off duty.


As a bonus, the fire station is right next to a wooded area with a big stream. So after doing a lot of fireman-themed photos, Brandon changed into ‘regular’ clothes and we did some ‘typical’ outdoorsy senior photos. Although all things fire-fighting are his favorite ways to spend his time, he is also very outdoorsy and enjoys fishing and hunting.


Incorporating a special location like the fire station is a great way to personalize your photos and make them even more meaningful. Thanks, Brandon, for the opportunity to do something different and I’m 100% confident that you will achieve your dream of a career in firefighting. Best of luck to you!

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