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Monica, class of 2014

Monica is a senior at St. Dom’s. She embodies brains and beauty, and has a fun and giving personality. She brought her mom, dad, stepmom, sister and boyfriend to her session, so there was a lot of fun and laughter throughout the session. She wanted her photos to have a classic look with a little bit dreamy/romantic vibe as well.
She used to play the piano a lot, so I asked her to bring some of her old sheet music.
A floral crown adds a dreamy and romantic look…
Sharing the spotlight with her sister for a few…
Monica has an adventurous and giving spirit. She will be traveling to Mississippi this Spring with the Mission Mississippi group from school and they’ll do work (building, fixing, helping) in the poor communities in Mississippi. They raise money for the trip throughout the year.
Monica loves bold colors (like the sequined top above) and her favorite is orange. It looks great on her, too. And she probably thought I was crazy when I passed her this parasol but she had a great attitude about everything I asked her to do.
Her last outfit was an adorable pink sundress. Once again, playing into a romantic kind of feeling.
Thank you, Monica, for making my job so easy. You are a real beauty, inside and out!

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