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Taylor, class of 2015

Taylor is one of my favorite seniors this year — I love her personality and her look. She is so down-to-earth and easy to talk to, she’s very funny and she doesn’t take herself too seriously, AND she’s gorgeous. 2014-12-14_0001A senior at Lewiston High School, Taylor plays field hockey and also enjoys hunting and being outdoors. She wanted her senior photos to incorporate a little bit of everything.
Here is a small sampling of the images from her session. 2014-12-14_0002When I saw Taylor’s red dress I was excited to break out the red hat and old-style coke bottles that I had been saving for just such an occasion. She rocked it all. 2014-12-19_00012014-12-19_0002

Red is definitely her color. 2014-12-14_0004

Taylor’s advice for other seniors getting their photos done is to just be yourself. She says “Your photos will most definitely show that and that’s your main look. You’ll be happier with the outcome.” Her hair and makeup were done here at the studio by Allie Roberge of Tagli Salon .


Taylor brought some props to incorporate into her session — you’ll see her gun, field hockey stick and goggles, and her sun hat and an American flag. She said she wanted to bring a little of everything to show what she did, and she feels it definitely got accomplished!
2014-12-14_00072014-12-14_00082014-12-14_0010 Three words Taylor would use to describe herself: Honest, helpful, determined. 2014-12-14_0011b2014-12-14_0012Taylor plans to go to college next fall and eventually become a dentist.
I have no doubt she will succeed with anything she puts her mind to.
2014-12-14_0009bTaylor says her senior photo experience was amazing. “I didn’t know what to expect, but the outcome was beyond words. I continually obsess over them, and I get so many compliments on how they came out thanks to you!”

Thank YOU, Taylor! You are a breath of fresh air. : )


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